Throw Back Thursday: Stop, Drop, and Roll Won’t Work in Hell

This was the second highest read post on my old site. Thought I’d share with my new friends..

You’ve probably seen the title of this post as an evangelistic message on a church sign as you passed by. What were your first thoughts?

You’ve probably seen these too….stop drop roll funny church sign

– Don’t make me come down there! God (I’m actually looking forward to this)

-God answers knee mail. (really?)

– Salvation: so easy a caveman could do it. (theologically jacked )

– Go to church or the devil will get you. (this is actually a HUGE billboard off of I65N  driving from FL…and why would the devil try to attack if you are already doing what he wants you to)

And there are a couple of local ones that are trying to be relevant in incorporating current radio friendly songs. To be completely HONEST, I HATE church signs…. with the exception of service times. They are often cheesy, insulting, embarrassing, or embarrassing  (I know I said it twice…because it is). If you only had one thing to say to someone who is lost without Christ and they just happen to drive by…is the message on that sign what we’d want conveyed about the God we serve? I know it’s not for me. I cringe (okay maybe I laugh  a little) at most of the signs I see and wonder if non-believers feel the same way. Probably so. If you have or have had one of these phrases or something similar…change it. The greatest thing that they could read would be God’s word followed by service times.  Let’s give them just a taste of what they need plus the times they can get more of it when they choose to do so.

I wonder how much time, energy, and creativity goes into changing those signs out.  How  many people have spun into a church parking lot because a church sign “compelled” them to come? Could those resources be used to better serve the community and share Christ in a more influential and lasting way?  You may be getting defensive thinking they’re cute and harmless and they may be to those already inside…but what about those who are on the outside? I think we were the ones who were meant to compel them to come in (Luke 14:23).  Let THE CHURCH be known for what we show (John 13:35)…not what we say on a sign

In the great words of theologian Bill Engall…..”Here’s your sign”


Things my kids say: Addie’s Hero

This is one of the many reasons I love being a dad!

Addison: “Dad, I don’t know where my new light stick is.”

Me: “Well you just got it Addie, you need to go find it.”

“I can’t, I don’t where to look. Will you find it for me dad?”

“No mam’, it’s yours and you need to go find it yourself.”

Addison: “But if you find it dad, then you’ll be my hero. Because when you find my lost stuff it makes you my hero. Don’t you want to be my hero dad?”

Well played my child…well played.



“Dad, Post that and I bet you get 1000 likes!”

We cannot be fully defined, experienced or communicated in a 160 characters, a quick filtered picture or video, or a blog (Even though Apple, Google, and Android try to tell us we are.) It takes time, experiences, conversations, and relationships.

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Sharpen Your Axe…. with these Podcasts

There’s nothing more frustrating and exhausting than trying to cut something with a dull axe. It’s back breaking work and can be a heartbreaking process. That’s why you should keep the blade sharp.


Keeping your axe sharp is not just important for chopping down trees. But staying sharp spiritually, mentally, and physically (and maybe fashionably) is important for life!

If you consider yourself a leader…then you have a responsibility to keep learning. Always keep your blade sharp (Ecclesiastes10:10). Not just so you can brag about what you know, but because people depend on us to get them where they are supposed to be. And we can’t get them there with what we know and have just for today…because tomorrow will bring new challenges. I believe everyone is a leader at some level and we should take that responsibility seriously.

 This will be a series of posts about the resources that I look to to stay sharp. If you take the time to process you can learn from just about anything.


I have a 15 minute commute to work…so in a day I can listen to a 30 minute podcast. If you have any commute at all AND you did nothing else but turn off the radio, you would gain a wealth of knowledge. These are the ones I listen to pretty much every time they are updated right now. Some of these may be changed out in the future as I have desires to learn from other voices.

I’d love to hear your feedback and maybe some Podcasts you listen to.