Three Girls Moore

When Jennifer and I were first married, at 22, I wanted 3 kids.It just seemed like a good fit. I was ready to start immediately. (Looking back we were much younger than we thought.)

Jennifer, on the other hand, only wanted two and wanted to wait. So…we waited for a few years before we had our first child, a girl we would name Ella. (I’m so glad we waited, because I cherish the years I didn’t have share my wife as a mom.) Our relationship and world would never be the same. We waited another 4 years before Addison arrived, our second girl.  Just when you think you have the whole parenting thing figured out, God gives you a second child who is nothing like your first.

At 31 we were pretty much done, because I was pretty sure the third one would be a girl too. I just know God’s humor in my life. (My sister also has two girls…and  my dog is a girl.) A couple of years after Addison we had some discussion about the possibility of a third and decided we were happy with our family of four.

BUT apparently Someone Else had other plans…and actually a sense of humor. Last Friday we welcomed our surprise baby girl #3 into our family…and Moore party of four is no more. Amelia Joy has perfected our family.

After being a Husband…being a dad is the most important thing that I do. I take the honor and responsibility very seriously and enjoy every second. There is nothing better than coming through the door with my girls running after me with arms lifted high screaming…”Dad’s Home! Dad’s Home!”  Now instead of two voices there will be three. I am so very thankful for God’s surprises and His sense of humor.




Ella Kristina Moore – February 4, 2006

9lbs 4 oz / 21 inches






Addison Grace Moore – June 14, 2010

6lbs 4oz / 19 inches







Amelia Joy Moore – May 2, 2014

7lbs 11oz / 19 1/2 inches






I also know that the next several years will be full surprises, excitements, and challenges that come  with being  a family where the kids outnumber the parents. Let the adventure begin!



2 thoughts on “Three Girls Moore

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and it brought a smile to my face, ear to ear. I am so proud of you guys and just love your girls! I am happy it’s all girls because my whole family is all girls, so it’s all I know!! God is good and I am so blessed to have you guys a part of my life.

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