Sharpen Your Axe…. with these Podcasts

There’s nothing more frustrating and exhausting than trying to cut something with a dull axe. It’s back breaking work and can be a heartbreaking process. That’s why you should keep the blade sharp.


Keeping your axe sharp is not just important for chopping down trees. But staying sharp spiritually, mentally, and physically (and maybe fashionably) is important for life!

If you consider yourself a leader…then you have a responsibility to keep learning. Always keep your blade sharp (Ecclesiastes10:10). Not just so you can brag about what you know, but because people depend on us to get them where they are supposed to be. And we can’t get them there with what we know and have just for today…because tomorrow will bring new challenges. I believe everyone is a leader at some level and we should take that responsibility seriously.

 This will be a series of posts about the resources that I look to to stay sharp. If you take the time to process you can learn from just about anything.


I have a 15 minute commute to work…so in a day I can listen to a 30 minute podcast. If you have any commute at all AND you did nothing else but turn off the radio, you would gain a wealth of knowledge. These are the ones I listen to pretty much every time they are updated right now. Some of these may be changed out in the future as I have desires to learn from other voices.

I’d love to hear your feedback and maybe some Podcasts you listen to.

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