Something’s Missing

God spent 6 days speaking creation into existence. Go back for a refreshing on the even in Genesis 1-2.  All He did was speak and what He wanted to happen, happened. At the end of each day, He declared that what had happened… “Was Good.”

Except on the last day. There was something that “Was Not Good”. On the last day, something caught his eye. He wasn’t as pleased with the work that He had done, as He was the previous days.

What was it?

The man He had created was alone.

To resolve the problem He proceeded to extract a rib from Adam and create the first bride…Eve.

In the book, Creating Community: 5 Keys to Building A Small Group Culture, Andy Stanley echoes an observation John Ortberg on this topic.

What is stricking is that the Fall has not yet occurred. There is no sin, no disobedience, nothing to mar the relationship between God and man. The human being is in a state of perfect intimacy with God. Each word he and God speak with each other is filled with closeness and joy; he walks with God in the garden in the cool of the dy. He is known and loved to the core of his being by his omniscient love-filled Creator. yet the word God uses to describe him is “alone.” And God says this alone-ness is “not good.” 

Sometimes in church circles when people feel lonely we will tell them not to expect too much from human relationships, that there is inside every human being a God-shaped void that no person can fill. That is true. But apparently according to the writer of Genesis, God creates inside this  man a kind of “human-shaped-void” that God himself will not fill.

No substitute will fill this need in you for human relationship. Not money. Not achievement. Not busyness. Not books. Not even God Himself. Even though this man was in a state of sinless perfection, he was “alone.’ And it was “not good.”

~Ortberg, Everybody’s Normal


I have never really thought about this in that in that way. I’ve always read and shared this passage from a marriage perspective.

I remember a story from my Childhood Development Class in college about a study of two groups of babies. For the first few months or years of their life, they were cared for differently by their nurses.

The first group was only given the necessities for physical health in care, food, changing, bathing, and as little human connection as possible. The other group received all the physical needs met with equal amounts of nutrients and diligence as the first but were also held and played with.  Over time the first group grew sicker while the second group thrived.

What was the deciding factor?


As humans, we actually not only desire…but need human connection and interaction. We need relationships to survive. We need relationships to thrive. Our relationships help direct the course of our life. Our relationships help provide the support, encouragement, and even correction that we need in life.

How are your relationships? I’m not saying you have to have 1500 friends or followers (I’m not talking social media.) Do you have anyone that you can call? Do you have anyone that can call you?

Do you have those 1,2 maybe 3 people that are in your inner circle? You’ll have acquaintances. Looking back at Jesus’ earthly ministry, we know he had 12 disciples.  But then he also spent extra time with Peter, James, and John. They  were in His inner circle. They saw things and had conversations that the others didn’t. It’s okay not to let everyone in. But let someone in. It can be scary. It can be awkward. But it’s also necessary.

 “It is not good for man to be alone.”

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