Feel the V.I.B.E.

It was the summer of 1991 and you could usually find me and my friends playing ball at the local YMCA. (Yes my little town of Adamsville, had a YMCA for a season. It was the hot spot in town. AND, yes, the year was ’91, and I would have been the same age as my oldest daughter is now…12. Do the math!) The gym speakers pumped a constant flow of Greg Rivers and Q105 keeping us motivated and playing our best. (Only those from the West Tn area will remember that.) When this particular song came on that summer, it would elevate everyone’s game to the next level… kinda like a flashing Super Mario.

Yo, it’s about that time
To bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme
I’m a get mine so get yours
I wanna see sweat comin’ out your pores
On the house tip is how I’m swingin’ this

Strictly hip hop boy, I ain’t singin’ this
Bringing this to the entire nation
Black, white, red, brown
Feel the vibration

Come on, come on
Feel it, feel it
Feel the vibration

I just sent you reminiscing down memory lane. Where were you, the first time you remember listening to this song? I remember wanting to be as “fly” as Marky Mark Wahlberg. I remember wanting to dance like him. I especially remember wanting his abs. (I tried finding a picture from the video, but couldn’t find him WITH a shirt on…and it was just too depressing that I never realized that last dream)

This or any other song is able to motivate a response from us through vibrations traveling through the atmosphere as sound waves. We can’t see it. But we can hear and feel it. You can look up the formal definition of Vibration HERE if you want. Other things emit vibrations that affect us and the environment around us .

We even affect the environment around us with the vibrations emitted through our words, body language, actions, and attitudes. We usually describe that as the type of “VIBE a person gives off.” As leaders in our homes, work, and community our VIBE is an emotional thermostat for the atmosphere around us. We have the ability to take others’ “game” to another level (either up or down) based on our VIBE.

Jesus displays the VIBE we need to have when leading a team. Whether you agree with or acknowledge his claims and teachings, you can’t deny the impact He and his team have had on the past, present, and future. If I can be so cheesy…

We still feel His vibrations today.

In Luke 10, He set the VIBE when he released His team to do what He had been training them to do. Change the World. If we offer these  same FOUR things to our team or family, we have the ability change the atmosphere around us:



Jesus painted a big¬†picture vision for them. “The Harvest is great,” He said. It was bigger than them. It was more important than them. They needed to get started now. People were hurting. People were lost. He had called them as fishers of men in LUKE 5. He had given them a mission and now it was time to act. When you are leading your team or family, do you cast the vision of something bigger? The WHY behind what they need to do. The WHY behind the process or product. That’s the motivation.


Jesus just didn’t motivate the team and let them figure out what to do next. “NOW GO!” He released them to go and do what he had trained them to do. In the process, He gave some specific instructions that needed to be followed.

Don’t take any extra money or extra shoes with you. Be respectful and a blessing for the homes that you visit. Don’t move around a lot. Stay in one place as long as possible. Heal the sick. Preach the Goodnews. If they don’t accept you, don’t stick around.

He gave these instructions but also left some things to their discretion. A vision without clear instruction and direction is not worth following. One of two things will happen; Complacency or Chaos. Are you releasing your team? Are you giving clear instructions? Do you give them opportunities to ask clarifying questions? Do you allow them to give some direction to the plan?


Not everyone is going to like what you and your team are trying to do. Your kids’ friends may not agree with or even make fun the vision and instruction you’ve laid out for their life. We must be prepared to absorb the criticism they receive as a result. We should help them understand the criticism is not a personal attack on them, but on the progress, we are trying to make. Jesus told his team that those who would reject them were actually rejecting Him. Knowing that the leader has their back builds trust and loyalty within a team and within the home. It’s a place of safety they can retreat to when they feel weary, unsuccessful, and insecure.


Jesus’ team returned amazed at what they were able to accomplish. They had no idea it was in them. Jesus joined the celebration emphasizing the weight of their success stating He even, “Saw Satan fall from heaven like Lightning!” But Jesus just didn’t celebrate what they did. He also encouraged them to celebrate who they were. He told them to celebrate EVEN MORE that their names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. WHO His team was, was more important than WHAT they did. WHO your team/family members are becoming is more important than WHAT they will accomplish. He empowered them even more, building on the success they had experienced. Encouragement is the key to continued success of your team members which will translate into success of your team, business, or organization. How you value your team will carry more weight than you could ever imagine.

Our vibes have the potential to direct others toward success, failure, or complacency. Ask those closest to you to describe the vibe you give off. It may be time to adjust your rhythm and your rhyme.

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