Hills and Valleys


Our lives are filled with a mixture of hills and valleys. Depending on our season we may feel like we spend a little more time on one than another. If I were to take a poll, most of you would probably feel like you spend a little more time in the valleys of life than on the hilltops.

In this verse (Deuteronomy 11:11) Moses is painting the picture of the landscape that Israel is about the enter (and really our lives.) These are things that stand out:

 It’s a lifescape with hills AND valleys

It takes one to appreciate the other. They compliment each other. While on top of the hills of life we’re able to look back to where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced. Days might seem brighter longer on the hills because there are fewer things casting shadows on us.  Believe it or not…valley’s can be places of protection. In storms, we are advised to get to the lowest place possible for safety, until the storm passes. It’s when we are at our highest that we are susceptible to the damages of life’s storms. Valleys may actually be temporary shelters, helping us avoid even greater storms. Honestly, it’s the journies from the valley to the hilltop and back to the next valley that builds our endurance and strengthens our legs. Without the changing landscape, or staying in either place too long we can become much weaker.

There’s plenty of rain in the land

Think about this.  When you’re on the hill; the rain that you get is only the rain for the hill. But when you’re in the valley; not only do you get the rain for the valley, but you get the runoff from the hill.  It’s the blessings and memories of the “hilltop moments” that give us extra provision and encouragement for the moments in the valleys. There’s plenty of rain for the land…for your life. You just have to look for it and capture it.

God cares for the land and watches over it through each season

Remembering this is probably the most important thing Isreal needed to do, that we need to do. If we’re not careful we feel accomplished on the hill but abandoned in the valley. Forgetting God in either place brings pride, bitterness, rebellion, disobedience and ultimately destruction. Remembering and trusting Him brings protection, provision, and purpose. Every season and elevation of the land, every season and elevation of your life, He’s watching over it.


Are you feeling stuck in the valley?

What “runoff” from the hills can you store up or have you stored up to help you through the valleys?



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