About Me


Hey there! My name is Steven. I’m a husband to an amazing woman (who I convinced to date me at 16) and dad to three amazing girls(that keep my young and tired at the same time)…  (And I’ll try not to use parentheses and italics so much… or ellipses.) I have the awesome honor of being the Associate Pastor of Love and Truth Church Jackson, TN. This gives me the amazing opportunity to encourage and challenge others to experience the Way of Life through Christ, that God intended for them.

My greatest weakness…I LOSE things…Like all the time. Keys, wallets, and cell phones are the Axis Powers that I fight to track daily. I forget names. I leave things in weird locations. (Like milk in the cabinet.) I even forget why I left one room and went into another. People have just come to accept that about me after all these years. If I could change one thing about me…that’s what it would be…

I hate it, and it plagues me constantly.


I love finding things. (Especially things that I didn’t know I had lost. Like that $10 in my black dress shoes that one time.)  I love finding joy, truth, wisdom, and curiosity in the everyday mundane and obscure. I try to find meaning in everything. I often overthink things and make them more complicated and sometimes easier than they are.

I don’t have all the answers or claim to be professional. I just want to EXPERIENCE life to the fullest by venturing outside of my comfort zone and being present in moments with family and friends. I want to consistently LEARN new things about myself, my Creator, others, culture, and leadership that will help me GROW as a follower of Jesus, husband, father, and leader. To keep all this to myself would be selfish. I want to SHARE it all with you in hopes that you will EXPERIENCE life, LEARN something new, and GROW to your greatest potential. Hopefully, something on this blog will encourage you to do that!



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