The Right Response (Me first)

We want things to be different so we look to change those around us, resulting in criticism, force, and violence if needed. The most important change we can actually make does not lie outside of ourselves, but within our selves. We cannot control how someone else reacts. We can only control how we respond.

Something’s Missing

No substitute will fill this need in you for human relationship. Not money. Not achievement. Not busyness. Not books. Not even God Himself. Even though this man was in a state of sinless perfection, he was "alone.' And it was "not good."

I wanted to be an Archaeologist…but times are changing

I remember as a kid thinking how cool it would be to be an archaeologist and look for old bones, treasures and artifacts from past civilizations. Indiana Jones was the archaeologist super hero that every boy wanted to be like. AND everyone wanted to be Goonie, looking for lost stuff. As a kid and even … Continue reading I wanted to be an Archaeologist…but times are changing