The Right Response (Me first)

We want things to be different so we look to change those around us, resulting in criticism, force, and violence if needed. The most important change we can actually make does not lie outside of ourselves, but within our selves. We cannot control how someone else reacts. We can only control how we respond.

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Something’s Missing

No substitute will fill this need in you for human relationship. Not money. Not achievement. Not busyness. Not books. Not even God Himself. Even though this man was in a state of sinless perfection, he was “alone.’ And it was “not good.”

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“Dad, Post that and I bet you get 1000 likes!”

We cannot be fully defined, experienced or communicated in a 160 characters, a quick filtered picture or video, or a blog (Even though Apple, Google, and Android try to tell us we are.) It takes time, experiences, conversations, and relationships.

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I wanted to be an Archaeologist…but times are changing

I remember as a kid thinking how cool it would be to be an archaeologist and look for old bones, treasures and artifacts from past civilizations. Indiana Jones was the archaeologist super hero that every boy wanted to be like. AND everyone wanted to be Goonie, looking for lost stuff. As a kid and even today at times…pictures like these made me want to go dig in my back yard to see what I could find.









Recently there has been a discovery of more modern artifices from the early 1980’s. Apparently, Atari made a game that has been dubbed “worst video game in history.” In an effort to cover up their epic failure they dumped over 700,000 games in a New Mexico landfill. Someone set out to uncover the mystery and went on a quest to uncover these missing games. (USA TODAY ARTICLE).

Going through the pictures of the archaeologists digging to find this new “treasure”, I was disturbed by the pictures and the contrast of previous archaeological dig pictures I’ve seen growing up.

dump going-through-by-hand






Is this what “future treasure hunters” will have to dig through when they go to discover artifacts about our civilization? Count me out!