The Handoff

As parents, teachers, coaches, friends...anyone who leads at any level. There will come a day when we have gone as far as we can. We may not accomplish all we set out to accomplish. But thankfully we are not the last ones on earth. There is a generation of leaders that will come behind us. Our children will go on to realize dreams we only imagined. Our students and players will go on to be the citizens we had hoped they would be. When our time is done...we can take options 1,2, or 3 and coast into the sunset. Or we can make the preparations in our now for their then.

Who I am today

In the sprints of our days we rush,  grinding it out, to achieve and obtain. When we do pause and look around it's often not to appreciate what we have but compare ourselves with others. That's a deadly trap. We are NOT a finished product. We are not who we were. AND we're definitely not who we're going to be